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Thank you and What is Happening

I wanted to take a minute and give a rundown of all things that OutsidersInn is a part of doing right now.

First let me say thank you. Thank you for listening, watching and believing in me. I am blown away that without a single penny from any one we have made it this far and have managed to accomplish so much. And I am just getting started!
So here is a list of what's happening:

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Vancouver City Council Meeting (07-27-15)

Tonight the City Council met and during the Citizens Forum Andy Silver from the Council for the Homeless spoke about the policy recommendations for the Tenant Protections for Vunerable Tenants and the upcoming Affordable Housing meetings and we were proud to be mentioned alongside other community organizations & providers like Peace Health and CVAB for helping to make those policy recommendations at 1:05:58.

Andy Silver starts speaking at about 1:04:17

Follow link for embedded video

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