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Homeless Evictions in Vancouver - The Real Story.

Video GuardRailTrash
So we happened to notice today an older video from back in July (video link here) being passed around that shows large equipment carrying out trash from around the neighboring property lines around the Share House. Comments seemed to be suggesting there are "homeless evictions" happening right now. Not exactly true.

When we saw the video and comments we realized there are probably some other posts on various groups that are trying to "stir up the drama" by misrepresenting some of the conversations that were being had with the guys down in the guard rail area this week by adding a little video twist to try to generate fear, or donations, or both.  Either way, I would like to let you know this particular video is from clean-up work done back in early July and is probably being used as some sideshow drama for a real situation that is in the process of being addressed between The Share House, the neighboring business property owners and the people camping & staying along the guard rails and fence lines. 

Here is the real story on what is happening...

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