Latest News from Outsiders Inn

So here is an update on the current issues that have been expressed to me.

The two major projects that are in process are the Day Center surveys and the search for more bed space for single women in Clark County. We NEED your help in both!  I welcome you to follow the links and read about those projects and pitch in with completing a survey and making real suggestions for viable single women bed space. 
Now here are some of those updates on the issues surrounding basic needs like electrical plug ins, access to water, and access to a place to put garbage at the Share House.
Electrical Plug Ins:   The image of the plug-in used on social media, the one plug that was pictured with a lock on it, was locked because people using the plug were unsafely sitting in the doorway next to it. The door is a delivery door and needs to remain clear.  Food donations come through that door all day long and it is opened from the inside on many occasions so it became a safety issue. The one plug-in up above, some one using this one damaged the eaves to the building while attempting to plug in. So those two plugs are not available for general use.
That being explained, I was shown 3 other plugs that are operational and not covered or locked - two on the porch and one by the dining room doors. I was told that during daytime hours any one can use those plugs while following normal rules of respect and decency. Please note the stairs leading up to the porch must be kept clear, they are not allowed to be sat on / blocked as it is a fire path.  Side note: all staff and resident staff are ultra fire protective as no one wants a repeat of the previous fire that burned Share to the ground years ago.
Water Fountain:  The water fountain was not taken out, it was a donation that got stolen, probably for scrap metal. They are currently hoping to get another donation, and of course a way to secure it so it will not be stolen again.  Meanwhile numerous hoses have been bought and sadly, they too have been stolen and or damaged.  Everyday for the last two weeks of hot weather, a cooler with cold water has been right next to the person who signs the people in for meals for all three meals, and they can & are welcome to take what they need.
Garbage:  Yes the dumpster has had a lock on it because the garbage and recycling have been getting mixed together and as everybody knows Waste Connections will not pick it up if its mixed.  Share received warnings from Waste Management about the situation, so they had to do something before it caused even more problems and related costs.    I have been told that they VERY much want trash cleaned up and no one will be told that they can't bring their trash to the dumpster if its bagged up properly and set next to the dumpster. In this condition, it will be ok.
Sex Offenders:  Lastly there has been a lot of talk and speculation on Share policies and procedures concerning sex offenders. All residents, in all the shelters, go through a background check. Level 1 sex offenders are allowed access to the men's shelter only, Level 2 on a case by case basis, and Level 3 not at all. There is no extra funding provided by any one that is based on who they do provide shelter for. 
I hope that my time and information gathering, talking to not just one but numerous people within the Share organization will help to bridge the gap of separation and help to bring everybody together to help us in accomplishing the goal of bringing the number of homeless down to the smallest number possible on a continual basis. 

Thank you!

Adam Kravitz
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