Latest News from Outsiders Inn

I wanted to take a minute and give a rundown of all things that OutsidersInn is a part of doing right now.

First let me say thank you. Thank you for listening, watching and believing in me. I am blown away that without a single penny from any one we have made it this far and have managed to accomplish so much. And I am just getting started!
So here is a list of what's happening:

  • Advocacy for those individuals affected by County work crews this last year and the policies surrounding homeless camps and belonging.
  • Advocacy in bringing the voice of the homeless to the table regarding the upcoming Day Center creation.
  • Brought real viable suggestion to city and agency leaders regarding single women beds in Clark County.
  • Collection of donations and the distribution of those donations straight to the people most in need.
  • Anytime support and resource navigation through social media and our website, as well as face-to-face peer support daily.
  • Collaboration with faith-based leaders on building a safe car camping project.
  • Working with the inter-faith coalition to end homelessness.
  • Supporting and working with the affordable housing coalition.
  • Meeting with successful organizational leaders from other cities to hopefully start some of their best practices here.
  • Organizing events bringing people from all walks of life together for creative fun and unity.
That is just in the last 7 months! And none of this would have been possible without the belief and support from the community in me and OutsidersInn and what we are trying to do and that is to stop the separation and bring a sense of humanity to our community.