Clark Public Utilities  
Energy assistance programs    
Vancouver: 1200 Fort Vancouver Way Vancouver, WA                                         
Orchards: 8600 NE 117th Ave Vancouver, WA            
Hours: M-F 7a-6p Sat:9a-5p

St. Vincent DePaul  
Financial assistance/rent/some utilities/food clothing    
Stapleton Rd. Vancouver, WA                                 
Hours:  M,T,Th,F  9a-1pm closed Wednesdays

Salvation Army    
Rent/Electric assistance/food/ clothing    
7509 NE 47th Ave Vancouver, WA

Interfaih Treasure House  
Camas/Washougal residents only
outreach services/food boxes            

hot meals served at Lost and found cafĂ© on Tues and Thurs    
91 C St. Washougal, WA                                   
Hours: M-F 9:30a-5p

Columbia River DSHS office    
Financial assistance for families/Individual's with disabilities
food benefits    

Automated benefits service 1-877-980-9220    
Fax # for client documents 1-888-338-7410    
800 NE 136th Ave Suite 110 Vancouver, WA            
Hours: M-F 8a-5p